This is the life!

Food. Fashion. Travel. Arts. And everything nice.

Thank you Lord for giving me more than what I asked for. I pray for your guidance that I’d be able to handle everything properly.

Know when to start and know when to stop. Remember to smile when you stop. Whatever it brings, there will always be something good in it. Whatever you feel, there will always be reason to be happy and glad.

That moment when the truth slaps you in the face.

… Then you know it’s time to sleep.


Another moment of “Jesus Take The Wheel”

I am so afraid. But if it is God’s will, I can pretend to be brave and ready. Because I know that He will be with me throughout my journey. Just like the last time, He did not leave. So now, I lift it all up to You. Although afraid, I have to trust. Let go and let God.